Our Leadership

2023 WASRG Officers

WASRG President

Erika Scheffer: term expires - 1/24


WASRG Vice President

Andrew Hackman: term expires – 1/25

Serlin Haley LLP

WASRG Treasurer

Jonathan Spontarelli:  term expires – 1/25
State & Federal Communications

WASRG Secretary

Kiley Smith: term expires - 1/24

WASRG Immediate Past President

Maggie Mick: term expires – 1/24

MultiState Associates

2023 WASRG Board of Directors

Meredith Beeson: term expires - 1/26

Global Business Alliance

Wes Fisher: term expires – 1/26

INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry

Brian Gamberini: term expires - 1/24

The Home Depot

Kathryn Gunter: term expires – 1/25


Kelly Memphis: term expires - 1/23

Healthcare Distribution Alliance

Taylor Mullon: term expires - 1/2

State Government Affairs Council

Brian Peterson: term expires - 1/25

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Sherry Whitworth: term expires - 1/24


Katie Bernard Wright: term expires - 1/26

The American Hotel and Lodging Association

Fred Zeytoonjian: term expires – 1/25

WASRG Executive Director

Robyn Schnaible

FOCUS, a Leonine Business

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